Monday, December 13, 2010

its time for a cannoli and a hug

havind a hard day then stop by the la bella torte pop up shop at 341 graham ave at the uncle louie g's say hi to chef joe and have cannli the hug is free and watch cakeboss next great baker tonight at 9pm on tlc see what happens when chef joe offers a hug to one his team mates it looks like she needed one

Sunday, December 12, 2010

chef joe wins best dessert

hope you watched the premier of cakeboss next great baker on monday if you did then you know that i won best dessert for my rosemary olive oil and blood orange cake!!! if  you missed it then you see today on tlc at 1pm and tomorow at 8 right befor episode 2 and thats when the battle begins so tune in and let me know what you think you can hit me up on facebook or twitter

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Now we're just bragging

The  Cannolis are going like hotcakes, lots of people saw our little blurb in the NY Times, or the article in the Greenpoint Gazzette, or perhaps it was the interview chef Joe did with The Examiner, or possible our write up in Serious Eats., Maybe the mention in the Daily News Oh and did we forget Zagat buzz. We're bragging, but.......Oh who are we kidding we are bragging. This is so cool

Next Great Baker links

Only 2 more days until the premier of The Next Great Baker on TLC - December 6 - 9pm on Time Warner channel 52, on The Dish channel 183, and on Directv 286

Here are some links, so you can see Chef Joes video and pictures.

Greenpoint Gazzette

Have you seen the latest article about chef Joe in the Greenpoint Gazzette.

Check it out online.  If  you get the actual paper, they have more pictures.

And don't forget 2 more days till "The Next Great Baker" airs.  Monday - December 6 - 9pm - TLC 52 on Time Warner, 183 on the Dish, 286 Directv.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Yes!! you heard right, The New York Times.  We're making big strides.  Today its a mention in the Calendar, tomorrow it's a full article with pictures.

Follow the  link and read "While the oven is hot".