Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cannoli's to the Stars!!!

Today was a great day,  I a movie set on Metropolitan Avenue.  I decided to try to get some business out of it. I went to the craft services table and I spoke to the woman in charge, who asked for a sample.  So I went to my truck and brought out some biscotti and butter spritz cookies.  When I went back with the samples she opened the bag to taste them.  There was a man standing next to me who took a biscotti, tasted it and grabbed the whole bag.  I looked surprised at his response.  I looked at the woman and her response was "You know Mr. Pacino, don't you?"  "YES IT WAS AL PACINO!!!" and YES, He liked my Biscotti!!  He asked me what else I made, and I proclaimed my famous cannoli's to which he replied "Bring me a dozen - Extra powder."  And so from this a cannoli star is born.

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