Thursday, April 22, 2010

Remember Dear Old or Young MOM

First off happy Earth day, and remember cakes and cannolies are biodegradable.  So enjoy as many as you can.

I  don't know about anyone out there, but I was raised by an Italian mother, so when you talk about childhood memories and how Mom was always there to comfort you.  My Mom used the cake method. It's not just a stereotype she really did say "eat this, it'll make you feel better."  It's not just a cookbook by Dom Deluise.  When I think of my Mom or my Dearly departed Grandmother's I remember the pies at Easter, Strufella and the bows at Christmas, and helping my grandmother make macaroni or ravioli for Sunday dinner.   And the best way I know how to pay tribute to these strong and wise women is take the recipes they taught me and make it for them.
So don't forget that special lady in your life called mom.  Give her the sweetest mothers day possible with a cannoli cake, or just one sweet cannoli for one sweet mom.

One more thing, we're almost there with the pop up, and just to ensure that you'll show up, we will be at a location to be disclosed at a later date to hand out samples.

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