Thursday, May 27, 2010

Career Day

Tomorrow (Friday), La Bella Torte was asked to speak at Career Day at P.S. 287 in Red Hook.  We are very happy, and excited and nervous about this.  Someone asked us to talk to young children about possibly going into the pastry field as a profession.  The questions that go around in your head - Do you think they'll listen?  What do we say to them?  Do we bring pictures,or maybe something we made?  Will they be interested? Will they fall asleep? Will they throw stuff at us?  Oh My God the pressure of a 10 minute presentation.

After thinking long and hard about this we decided to first - bribe them with cookies.  Talk a little bit about what we do (hopefully it will be interesting for them) Then - show them some pictures of cakes, and then show them a couple of items made out of modeling chocolate. 

I think Joe will do most of the talking, since he's excellent at it and besides being a kiss ass pastry chef, he's a kick ass salesman.

Now I must get back to baking so the we'll have enough cookies for the kids.

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