Tuesday, January 25, 2011

thanks for your support

hi chef joe hear for those of you that watched next great baker on tlc thank you for watching and all of your support to those who became fans.you may have watched my return to the show on episode 6  and i was put on the same team with corina and meagan to make a wedding cake .well my input waas not taken seriously and we lost the chalenge. i do know how to make a wedding cake with it standing strait up and not leaning to the side but when i wanted to contibute i was pushed out and wanted to avoid another bout of drama but as you who watched the show seen in past episodes it was not me that dificult to work with .i came back to the show to compete and win but things did not happen that way all of you who know me know i am passionet about my work even those of you who remember me in the plumbing industry know i don't play but i had enough drama on that show.so thanks for watching and i will be looking for more competions to compete in more dessert type competions of couse and we will have another pop up real soon so hi me up on facebook or twitter i love to hear from my friends

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